Electric Seals



These prints are produced from my own original grey seal pup photos, and they are all individually named and signed. So far, 6 have been produced, and they now grace the walls of hospitals, surgeries, hairdressers and private homes. You've met Raelin, so here are Rora, Roxanne, Robin, Ralph and Ronan.


If you would like to commission me to produce an exclusive signed and named print of an adorable grey seal pup for your home, office, reception, or business, they come as gifts with every donation of £980 or more to my ministry work. For more info on what I do, please visit my ministry website.


Here are my original photos of these grey seal pups. Each print comes with a postcard of the original photo.


This is Ranulph, and he's still looking for a good home. If you'd like to chat about my seals, please visit the blog where you'll find a contact form.


And here is the original photo of Ranulph. Isn't he cute and adorable?


All my other photos are free for personal use in blogs, forums, emails, and social sites, whatever. Right click on any image and save it to your desktop. Commercial use is strictly forbidden. Broch photo galleries can be found in the library. All the other galleries can be found by clicking these links.

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